That’s What She Said

Love Notes


Here is what some of our past Hot Tomatoes have to say about their experience with us:

I love that these women helped me to embrace what I am, and did not try to make me into what others may think that I “should” be. Nerdiness, stretch marks, insecurities, playfulness, sexiness, intelligence… I see all of me in my Hot Tomato photos, and I love her. –Franci


It started as a gift for him, and ended up being one of the best experiences of my life! I never felt more beautiful, sexy or confident than when I put myself in these amazing women’s very capable hands! I was on cloud nine for months, and after I got my pictures I was amazed that THAT was me! Trust me….you deserve this!Raquel


I didn’t think it would change me… And it did. The experience itself was great… Being pampered and dressed and loved and viewed in a new way. ..Then a bit later I went to go look at the proofs. Jesse and I gabbed and then she brought out that little black box… You know the one. It was full of me. I mean, yes it was pictures of me.. but the pictures captured an essence of me that normally is not captured. There’s a picture of me with my eyes closed… Head tilted just so… I know exactly what I’m thinking and when I showed him the picture he knew too. I love how I look in the pictures.. but even more I love how I feel in the pictures. The ladies have a way of bringing out the heart of you, that’s for sure. – Deb


The girls at Hot Tomato made me feel absolutely gorgeous when I was at a very low spot in my life. They pointed out so many positive things about my body when I was stuck focusing on the things I didn’t like about myself. They accepted every inch of me and made me feel amazing!! Every one of them has a heart of gold—and a passion for what they do.Jenna


Oh yeah baby – best day — ever!!!! Most empowering thing I have ever done! Puts bungee jumping lower on the list of fantastic things I have done!!!Amy


No amount of thanks can ever truly express how I feel about what’s been given to me by the experiences with Jesse Hyde and Andi Roberts with the Hot Tomato Pinup Academy. For years I have struggled with my self image, I have always felt outcast, too fat, not pretty enough, too “out there.” The first time I went for a photo session I was met with a wonderful environment, and inspirational conversation. I felt empowered while Valerie expertly applied my make up. I thought “this isn’t so bad”. When it was time for me to dress for the photos, I was a little nervous to don the corset and skirts and fishnets, but you only live once. As I took that fist step out of the dressing room, I was met with silence. Then, the fury of flashes began and soon I was sinking into a world of pinup vowels and poses.
A few months later I saw the opportunity to go for another shoot. This time I wanted to recreate a more iconic scene. Never  have I been more pleased with a photo, and total strangers have complimented the artistic talents of these women. Rosie the Riveted now adorns the wall.
Most recently I went back a third time. I wanted to show another part of me that  loves leopard print and big hair. I stepped  out of the dressing room again to sheer silence. I won’t lie, the skirt was form fitting, and I prepared myself to hear the familiar chants of being fat, ugly, and questioned what  was I thinking. Instead, squeals of joy roared, I was told I looked beautiful, and when the pictures came back, they were right. I am beautiful, I’m not too fat, and rather than being an out cast, I’m casting out all doubt. I openly encourage all women to take a lesson from the Hot Tomato Pinup Academy. – Rachel H.


When Rachel invited me to do a photo shoot with the Hot Tomato girls, I have to admit, I was a little worried. I am not photogenic and felt that it would end up being a big disappointment for me. I was so very wrong! I took my suitcase full of clothes, shoes, jewelry and makeup and drove 1 hour  and 1/2 to get there. On top of all that, I was not feeling well that day.
As soon as I got there I could feel the love. It was a wonderful experience! I met some awesome ladies, including Jesse, Andi, Valerie, the hair, makeup, photographer and coach-these ladies really know their stuff! Andi and Jesse made me feel comfortable in front of the camera and knew all the right poses to make me look my best.
I’m looking forward to my next Hot Tomato Shoot.

I highly recommend the Hot Tomato Pin Up Academy to ALL my friends! ~Amy

I started my pin up journey simply wanting to have pictures of myself that didn’t make me cringe to look at. You know the ones I mean. Those horrible yearbook photos that you wish would simply disappear from the face of the planet. Plus I wanted to boost my self-esteem and prove to myself that even as a fuller figured woman it was possible for me to be beautiful. I’d spent all of my school years and well into my 20s hearing negative comments about my body/looks/overall appearance on an almost daily basis. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been told, “You’d be pretty, if you just lost some weight.” So I ended up being past 30 before I decided I’d had enough, and wanted to prove to myself (and everyone else) that 1) I could take a ‘good’ picture and 2) I could look awesome doing it. Needless to say my very simple goals were met and exceeded.
My session was one of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had. Working with Andi and Jesse was awesome! They made me feel comfortable in my own skin which allowed me to be able to just enjoy the moment. It was so empowering to feel sexy and beautiful. I’m so glad that I did it. I’ll always look at those pictures and remember what a wonderful time I had. And it seems that I’ve caught the bug, because I really REALLY want to do another session!! -Zella

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