You asked for it. We delivered. Now, choose from TWO workshop packages!

September 25th


200 Putnam St. Suite 300, Marietta Ohio

The Glam Bam, Thank You Ma’am – $99 plus tax
  • Hot Tomato Studio tour
  • Full instructional demonstration in the art of glam hair and makeup styling
  • Lunch and cocktails in The Parlor
  • Access to the coveted Hot Tomato Lending Wardrobe for dress-up (as cocktails allow!) Ever try on a steel-boned corset? Let The Madame show you how!
  • Behind the scenes peek of a session in progress
The GLAM SLAM – $399 plus tax
  • Private wardrobe consultation and session planning
  • Hot Tomato Studio Tour
  • Full instructional demonstration in the art of glam hair and makeup styling
  • Personal one on one hair and makeup styling with two of our professional team members
  • Lunch and cocktails in The Parlor
  • One outfit, high glam photo session on our custom set
  • Private proofing session to view your images
  • Free 8 x 10 canvas of your favorite image
  • New title for your sassy resume of #GDHT ;)


We’re looking forward to seeing you there! Grooowl wink ;)



Photographers, Andi Roberts and Jocelyn Adelsperger
Concierge, Jessica Kufel
Makeup Artists, Lauren Elaine and Tonya Winebrenner
Hairstylists, Veronica Fields and Chelsea Holtz
 Mistress of Ceremony- Jesse Hyde


A Different View

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Wayne Dyer

Some women hate their bodies. I dearly hope you are not one of these gals, but if you are, or if you know someone struggling with body image, please read this short post.

Do you know that when you look at a thing, anything, you change it? Yep. Quantum Theory. Hot, huh? Good or bad, your vibes are affecting that amazing body of yours so send it some “Damn, Girl!” and a little “Hello, Sweet-Ass!”

Ok, baby steps…


If you are constantly looking in the mirror and pummeling your frame with thoughts of too fat, too bony, gross wrinkles, weird mole, sagging this, puckering that, grey hair, no hair, hair THERE?? Body is totally like, I’m ON it! More of the same, coming up! And believe me, your body will defend your truths till the bitter end no matter how many crunches, lunges and wheat grass shakes you put it through.

I saw this quote on Facebook last week and it really struck home for me.

“You will never positively change you body because you hate it. Positive change only occurs  from loving it.”

So, try this on. You are perfect this instant. You will also be perfect after micro-derm abrasion, a 30lb weight loss, a margarita and 4 tacos, a triathlon or a shower! The point is, you’re lovely (love, actually) and it’s only through a serious of beliefs you have adopted at some point from a guru like Kim Cardashian, Maury Povich or the Pillsbury Doughboy, that have you riding the body hatred train.

Time to look at that amazing system with a fresh perspective, especially if you want to make a change! Smile at your reflection and watch it smile back!


FYI, this is kind of our thing over here at Hot Tomato ;) Let us know if we can help.

It all starts with a Parlor chat…click here to experience a “Different View”







Let’s Get Real, a Valentine

Let’s get real for a moment, shall we? A real effing Valentine moment. A moment that will likely be interrupted by a small, slimy child, a text from your boss outlining a {mandatory} opportunity for you to get some extra hours on your only scheduled day off or the unmistakable yack/splat sound of dog vomit hitting the floor.

I’m just going to go ahead and assume that you clicked on this post because you relate. Or because you know me personally. Or that it was quite by accident. However it happened, just understand that I’m about to get real honest.

Sometimes life is a complete shit show. Also, February is a HORRIBLE month to focus on love. You’re sick for the billionth time, freezing your ass off, fatter than you’ve ever been and perpetually in another financial month of NOT recovering from Christmas. “What’s that ?” asks the Universe. “Your life needs to be a bit more challenging? Allow me to pop your teenage daughter’s car in a creek and give your dog worms. Also, as a special bonus, I’ll let all the stink bugs in the world know that your home is a perfect place to get out of the cold.”

Then you see an ad. It will say something like this:

“Spice up your Valentines Day with sexy portraits of yourself without a bad attitude, damaged hair, scaly skin or ass zits!! Only one miiiillllion dollars”

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She’s Got a Way About Her..

“I don’t know what it is. But I know that I can’t live without her.” Billy Joel12583998_10209201636066587_361792694_n

This is it. You are ready to take the plunge. This feeling could never fade. You feel sexy every moment, bathed in this brilliant, crazy love! How does it get any better than THIS?

Girl, trust me. The way a strong love shifts and changes and grows is magical. This year will mark my 21’st year with a crazy fella and it feels so good to build a whole life and history with someone walking beside you every step of the way.

12606720_10209201634186540_241245424_nJust think, your whole future is ahead of you and you get to walk that path with a partner. Someone will be there to encourage your crazy ideas and help you carry out plans. You will push them juuust outside their comfort zone only to be right there to comfort them when panic takes hold. You will build a family and a home and a circle of support and favorite places and activities. You will fail and you will be broken-hearted and overwhelmed..no escaping that. But, when you bond to someone, really bond and trust, the pieces just seem to bind together without much thought.

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“Wonder” What Women DO in Session?


“Do not fear the unknown, dare to be adventurous in life.”
Lailah Gifty Akita

It still surprises me every time someone tells me that they are terrified to do a boudoir session.  I’ve come to understand that what clients are really fearing is ‘the not knowing of things’. THIS is an easy fix! The response to the “I’m scared” statement is nearly the same, no matter which member of the staff you are talking to!

“Oh Sugar, that will not last! Let’s put a drink in that pretty little hand and tell you you’re gorgeous for a few hours…and then PROVE it! Sound good? “- Jesse

“Getting half naked people to relax is my superpower.” – Andi

“Of course you are! It’s totally normal because you are doing something that will result in you seeing your body in a way you have never seen it before. We will be with you every step of the way. You will not want for a thing, trust us! This is about to change your life.” – Jessica

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Hot Tomato Cover Girl 2015

Just Wondering…

Have you dreamed of a big picture, bucket list portrait session but thought it was too crazy? too involved? too bizarre? too sexy? too kitchy? too dark?  tooooo…fill in the blank. The team at Hot Tomato Pinup Academy are your gals! We have the space and we have the resources but, most importantly, this is what we LOVE. If you can dream it up, we can pull it together. We will plan for a year if that’s what it takes!

I want to introduce you to a sweet gal that had a pretty fabulous vision!


This is Amanda.  Is she a showgirl, a model, an actress? No. She is a small town sweetheart who tells me she has never had professional photos taken. She quietly and politely pulled out a small box at her consultation and slid them across the table to me. “I was hoping maybe we could incorporate these” she said. I pulled a pouch out of the box and slowly unrolled it to reveal 12 shining throwing knives! And just like that, I knew we were about to make magic!

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