Bohemian Outdoor Bouodir






                         Welcome to Hot Tomato Bohemian Outdoor Boudoir!

Even if you’ve done 10 Hot Tomato sessions, you’ve never done one like this. Picture it. You’ve been treated to luxurious styling in a gorgeous private home and then escorted via carriage (Lou Lou, the UTV ;) down a gravel path that empties into a sun dappled wilderness with a magical view at every turn.  Pond, beach, meadow, log bridge, walking trail, windmill, cabin. A few steps down the path, we arrive at your set. Tall, regal trees are the backdrop, golden rays of sunshine provide perfect lighting and a strong, iron tub full of clear water awaits your milky frame. Nestled nearby, is a low bed piled with colorful quilts and pillows for your transition set. Perhaps, to finish up, we could do a celebratory round of “frolicking” shots? Who knows… but I can’t wait to hear your ideas!

Here’s a look at a June model we shot in our special locale.

Model: Samantha Alden

Photographer: Andi Roberts

Assistant: Jocelyn Adelsperger

MUAH: Jessica Kufel

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Do you LOVE this bohemian boudoir look? Drop what you are doing this instant and do whatever you have to do to book it! We are only taking THREE  (one spot left) clients on one single beautiful summer day!! Here’s what you need to know.

The location: Marietta area

The DATE: Sunday July 24th

The Session Cost: $499 plus tax

The time slots: Noon, 1:30 and 3pm


Allison’s Boho Boudoir Portrait Session

“Oohh, this is exciting!” Allison remarked as we piled her bags in the elevator.  The sound echoed as we made a slow assent to the 5th floor. Laughter mixed with The Black Keys grew louder as we approached and a boudoir portrait  session was wrapping up.  I muscled the gate open and we made our entrance into the colorful BoHo space of Hot Tomato imaginings!

Tapestries of every color and design, sectioned off a “back stage” area of sorts where hair and make-up was in progress and extra wardrobing was draped about. Comfy chairs, oriental rugs and classic rock soon invited us to pleasantly gossip, giggle chat about life, love, kids and the winter that might never end.

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