You and Me, Sister!

Sometimes it’s tough to justify booking a day to pamper yourself. “Oohh, look at me, I went and got all sexified and had a luxurious day to myself!” *Your friends hate you already. Not really. But sorta ;)

HOWEVER, you totally want that for your friends, right? BUT, it’s kinda weird to be like “Here, you go and do this fabulous thing and look all gorgeous and I’ll be over here super happy for you.” Yeah, your heart was in the right place but…Awkward!

Wouldn’t it be swell if you both got to do something glamorous AND and do a little good in your community? Read on. We have a solution!


SOLUTION: “You and Me. Let’s do this together! Work and lovers be damned. We deserve this! We’ve been through the wringer! We’re constantly bending over backward for everyone else. Let’s have a fun day! Let’s laugh and drink champagne, dress up, tell stories and get photographed together!” Besties. Sisters. Family. Partners in crime.

“WAIT”. I can hear you now. “These aren’t sexy pictures, right? Because that would be weird.”

Fear not. Here’s what we’re thinking but feel free to mix it up as you see fit.15127512_10154853626519653_1125728963_o

Fun and candid.

Genuine and hysterical.

Expressive and warm.

Real and connected.

Also, gorgeous. We ARE Hot Tomato after all!

“Okay BUT…”AMR_7114

I saw this coming.  You’re a go getter. Everything you do, you do with purpose and passion! Fabulous women do fabulous things in the community. They are selfless to a fault! Always doing good and valuable deeds close to home! We thought of this.

And that’s why we are donating $50 of your session fee to your choice of one of these local charities!

Marietta Community Food Pantry – Feeding the local population in need

Old Man Rivers – delivering meals to the homeless in Parkersburg, WV

Humane Society of the Ohio Valley – working on behalf of the welfare of animals in Washington County Ohio

BrAva – Local non-profit fighting childhood cancer and helping local families

Children’s Home Society – Providing crisis intervention, adoption assistance and safe spaces for children in need

Eve Inc. – Crisis intervention and domestic violence

Secret Santa – A Washington and Morgan County program that provides Christmas to the areas children in need.

So, here’s the deal. amr_5015t-13

  • Pay a session fee of $249 per person.
  • Enjoy professional hair and makeup.
  • Wear one outfit you feel super amazing in.
  • Get photos of your fabulous self as well as shots with your crazy-awesome, well deserving friend.
  • Together, you gift a charity close to your hearts with 100 smackeroos!

How does it get better than that? You two are just adorable. Now let’s get started!!

If you want to get started right away, tell us all about the session you envision right  HERE.

If you are in a shopping frenzy and you’d rather wait for us, we will email you before the sun goes down!

2 thoughts on “You and Me, Sister!

  1. My friend Lisa and I did a shoot together.. it was so much fun! We love the time we spent together and the pictures are wonderful! You won’t regret doing this with a bestie..or two!

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