Our Story

You’ve heard about our “Back to the Academy” workshop, right? You might be asking yourself “How did this academy come about in the first place? Haven’t you always just taken portraits?” AMR_0999

Truth is, unless you’ve asked one of us specifically how we started this crazy thing, you probably don’t know the story. Allow me elaborate!

Five years ago, in the spring of 2011, I had been homeschooling my three girls for many years and my oldest was nearing the end of her 7th grade year. The assignment for the end of the year was to do a project of 100 years of something. My 12 year old chose hairstyles. And, the rest is history (quite literally!)

You tube has developed quite a bit since then but there were still a few videos on how to do retro hair. With a combination of my already existing love of vintage style and the techniques offered in the videos, it began.

After just a month of trying and perfecting styles from the faux bob to victory rolls and studying the clothing styles that matched, I began offering workshops at the Blennerhassett Hotel.

The workshops were so much fun. Swing music and dress-up, hair demos and makeup application, champagne and chocolate fountains!

After just a few months, I met the BEST business partner and friend a sassy gal like me could ask for, Andi (awesome) Roberts! In January of 2012 (National Spaghetti Day) and hatched a crazy plan to offer the women of the MOV both, an experience AND incredible photos! And, just like that, we began to grow a most magnificent tomato garden!

We’ve done a few little classes here and there but I am THRILLED to offer a full workshop and include the expertise from our whole crew! Two make-up artists, two hair stylists, two photographers, and two wardrobe stylists!! Get one on one attention and get all your questions answered!

Enjoy a leisurely day in the our Parlor, snacking and sipping, laughing and learning and ending the workshop looking fabulous and taking your spot in front of the lens! Back to School has never been this sassy!

13709578_10154450674259653_986465744_o (1)





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