Card-Carrying GDHT’s


Chances are pretty good that you first heard about Hot Tomato from a friend… ya know, that cute, sassy, rebel type. See, it’s this great part of the human experience to immediately feel compelled to tell your besties that they simply MUST do the awesome thing you just did!


Get a fabulous massage? Have a scrumptious dinner at a fancy restaurant? See a heart-pounding action thriller on the big screen? What did you do next? You told a friend to make and appointment, book a reservation and get in the popcorn line!


“Clients adore the referral cards! Anything that gives their girlfriends that extra push to come and do a session, makes my job a piece of pie!”-Jesse Hyde


We’re so grateful that you’re doing this bit of legwork that we threw in some Hot Tomato credit as a little wink and the gun to all you sexy Hot Tomato alumni. Here’s how it works!

You get 5 of these cards after your session. (We give you more if you run out.) We write your name and the year on each one and tuck them into a cheetah-print box. You hand them out to your sassiest friends and when one of those cards finds its way back to The Parlor and your friend books her Hot Tomato session, bam, you both get $50 in the Hot Tomato bank!

The sassiness has to start somewhere!! If you want be be the first Hot Tomato among your friends and you’re ready to jump in with both feet, click here and let’s start the conversation!

We can’t wait to meet you!



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