Go “Now Here”

Ever hide from your family? Of course you have! It’s completely natural to want to re-center and shake off the demands of others for a few quiet moments even if it’s in your bathroom with a handful of chocolate chips.

Ever daydream about escaping to the middle of nowhere?  –Read on.

I have been fascinated with this idea of the deep connection between nowhere and now here, introduced to me first in 2013 by Dr Wayne Dyer. “It’s just matter of spacing!” he laughs during a talk he gave on Public Television, promoting his book ‘Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life’.

My mind immediately pulls this file when I hear “You’re going nowhere.” or “I’m in the middle of nowhere.”

“Now Here”, my mind smiles. You’re in the middle of now here. What a wonderful place to be!


“Emotions are like waves. Watch them disappear in the distance on the vast calm ocean.” Ram Dass

Taking time for yourself, not only empowers you but also empowers everyone you connect with every day. You can’t give away what you don’t have so fill your cup and share!

Go Now Here with Hot Tomato, right here in Marietta, Ohio :)

Gift yourself this Mother’s Day.   I’m Interested


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