A Different View

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Wayne Dyer

Some women hate their bodies. I dearly hope you are not one of these gals, but if you are, or if you know someone struggling with body image, please read this short post.

Do you know that when you look at a thing, anything, you change it? Yep. Quantum Theory. Hot, huh? Good or bad, your vibes are affecting that amazing body of yours so send it some “Damn, Girl!” and a little “Hello, Sweet-Ass!”

Ok, baby steps…


If you are constantly looking in the mirror and pummeling your frame with thoughts of too fat, too bony, gross wrinkles, weird mole, sagging this, puckering that, grey hair, no hair, hair THERE?? Body is totally like, I’m ON it! More of the same, coming up! And believe me, your body will defend your truths till the bitter end no matter how many crunches, lunges and wheat grass shakes you put it through.

I saw this quote on Facebook last week and it really struck home for me.

“You will never positively change you body because you hate it. Positive change only occurs  from loving it.”

So, try this on. You are perfect this instant. You will also be perfect after micro-derm abrasion, a 30lb weight loss, a margarita and 4 tacos, a triathlon or a shower! The point is, you’re lovely (love, actually) and it’s only through a serious of beliefs you have adopted at some point from a guru like Kim Cardashian, Maury Povich or the Pillsbury Doughboy, that have you riding the body hatred train.

Time to look at that amazing system with a fresh perspective, especially if you want to make a change! Smile at your reflection and watch it smile back!


FYI, this is kind of our thing over here at Hot Tomato ;) Let us know if we can help.

It all starts with a Parlor chat…click here to experience a “Different View”







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