Hot Tomato Cover Girl 2015

Just Wondering…

Have you dreamed of a big picture, bucket list portrait session but thought it was too crazy? too involved? too bizarre? too sexy? too kitchy? too dark?  tooooo…fill in the blank. The team at Hot Tomato Pinup Academy are your gals! We have the space and we have the resources but, most importantly, this is what we LOVE. If you can dream it up, we can pull it together. We will plan for a year if that’s what it takes!

I want to introduce you to a sweet gal that had a pretty fabulous vision!


This is Amanda.  Is she a showgirl, a model, an actress? No. She is a small town sweetheart who tells me she has never had professional photos taken. She quietly and politely pulled out a small box at her consultation and slid them across the table to me. “I was hoping maybe we could incorporate these” she said. I pulled a pouch out of the box and slowly unrolled it to reveal 12 shining throwing knives! And just like that, I knew we were about to make magic!

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Read what Amanda had to say about her Hot Tomato Portrait Session!

If I could sum up the Hot Tomato experience, it would be one word: Empowering. My time in the studio was one of great change, and I left with a new sense of self-worth that I never knew existed. Before Hot Tomato, I had never had professional photos taken. Ever. Lack of money and self-esteem growing up prevented me from ever stepping in front of a lense. A rare skin and hair condition that I’ve had since infancy would keep me hidden in layers of clothing growing up, even in middle of summer, so questions would change from “What is that?” to “Aren’t you hot?” While I’ve made huge leaps since then in accepting myself and my body for what it is, that little voice always manages to find a way to creep in. Ladies, in particular, are all too familiar with that voice. It’s the voice we’ve fought with all our lives…the voice that has brought us to shame, to guilt, to hatred, to fear, and even at times to tears. It’s the voice of our biggest enemy…because it’s been our own.

That little voice was silenced the day I walked into the studio and met the team of amazing ladies that make up Hot Tomato. My anxieties about the shoot were immediately dissipated by the overwhelming warmth, love, and acceptance that flowed throughout the room. I couldn’t believe how calm and relaxed the entire shoot was, or how perfectly at ease my mind was amidst the flashes of the camera. I left feeling so energized and renewed, liked I had shed more than a little bit of clothing, but an entire layer of myself. A layer of negativity and doubt that had no business being there or limiting me in the first place.

When I got my pictures back, I really couldn’t believe it was the same girl that spent most of her life hiding. My vision for the shoot, despite being a little different from the norm, was made a reality. It was exactly as I had imagined and more because it wasn’t some unrealistic model in the pictures…it was me. I cannot stress enough how EMPOWERING this shoot was for me in my growth as an individual. I believe every gal should do this at least once in their lifetime. You are never too (insert negativity) to feel good about yourself. Quiet that voice for a few hours, and then for a lifetime because you’ll have these amazing pictures to always remind you of your value and beauty. You are a GD HOT TOMATO!

Amanda Reeder

Thank you, Doll! We couldn’t do this wonderful thing without gals like you!

Andi and Jesse

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