Allison’s Boho Boudoir Portrait Session

“Oohh, this is exciting!” Allison remarked as we piled her bags in the elevator.  The sound echoed as we made a slow assent to the 5th floor. Laughter mixed with The Black Keys grew louder as we approached and a boudoir portrait  session was wrapping up.  I muscled the gate open and we made our entrance into the colorful BoHo space of Hot Tomato imaginings!

Tapestries of every color and design, sectioned off a “back stage” area of sorts where hair and make-up was in progress and extra wardrobing was draped about. Comfy chairs, oriental rugs and classic rock soon invited us to pleasantly gossip, giggle chat about life, love, kids and the winter that might never end.

Allison showed me her outfit options and I knew right away this was going to be a super-hot session! Boy, was I spot ON! All things sexy came together in a big way when Val highlighted her best features in hair and makeup and Andi worked her “relax and have a blast” magic. Allison, herself has so much natural poise and sassiness that I knew nothing could stop us. It was simply Hot Tomato magic and we have pictures to prove it!!

Here’s what Allison has to say: “Being overweight for most of my life, self-esteem and body acceptance is a constant struggle for me. I’ve worked with Hot Tomato twice now, for both pinup and boudoir sessions. More than making you look beautiful for your pictures, the ladies of Hot Tomato make you FEEL beautiful. Both times, I walked away from the experience with a new level of confidence. So worth it!”


Boho Boudoir
Boho Boudoir
Boho Boudoir
Boho Boudoir
What type of session have you been dreaming about? Did you know we offer custom set design, costuming and styling. Are you ready to celebrate feeling sexy, fun and empowered? Click the button below to start your adventure Hot Tomato Pin-Up Academy, the nicest naughty girls in town.
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